SOC190-1: Fresh Sem: Sociology

Topic: Gender and Power

August 23, 2017 - December 5, 2017
DaysTimeLocationInstructorGERCreditOPUS #
11:30am - 12:45pm
Emerson Hall E504
Simula, Brandy
Appropriate for First Year students.
A small class on topics of sociological concern that fosters a highly interactive and a mutually collaborative learning environment, both among students and between the students and the teachers. Examples of seminars include: Making Sense of Globalization, Sociology of Film, Race and Ethnicity in the United States, and Introduction to General Sociology.

Special Evidence-Focused Seminar. For more information:

This course examines how gender and power shape our sense of self and our social experiences. What does it mean to say that gender is a fundamental aspect of human social life and interaction? How does gender influence major social institutions such as work, education, family, and the media—and how is it influenced by those institutions? How do other social categories and identities, including race, age, sexuality, socioeconomic status, and ability, influence how we experience gender? To what extent does gender inequality persist in the contemporary U.S.? Throughout the course, we will focus on understanding how people learn about, experience, and “do” gender in everyday life, drawing on sociological theory and research to inform our understandings.


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