NBB190-1: Fresh Sem: NBB

August 23, 2017 - December 5, 2017
DaysTimeLocationInstructorGERCreditOPUS #
11:30am - 12:45pm
1462 Clifton Rd 231
Easterling, Keith
Appropriate for First Year students.

Fall, spring. Variable topics of special interest in the field of Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology. Any of these NBB 190 courses will satisfy the new General Education freshman seminar requirement but will not count as an NBB elective.

Special Evidence-Focused Seminar. For more information: http://evidence.emory.edu/in-the-news/evidence-focused-courses.html

Are you an advocate for personalized medicine or population-level health treatments?  This course is intended for any student who is interested in neuroscience/behavioral-biology and/or public health. We will explore and compare the explanatory frameworks (evidence) that both neuroscience and public health offer to explain the motivation behind common behaviors such as abusing prescription painkillers, obesity, sleeping, and risk-taking (specifically with sexual behaviors). The course will be broken up into modules that will require reviewing and comparing neuroscience and public health scientific publications/evidence on each topic.

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