IDS216W-1: Visual Culture

August 23, 2017 - December 5, 2017
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1:00pm - 2:15pm
Callaway Center S423
Graham, Aubrey

History of the use of visual images in Western culture. Study of tools necessary to read images, including still and moving images, performance, and display.

Visual Culture

IDS 216W (co-requisite: ENG 223).

Dr. Aubrey Graham

 Visual Culture offers students tools to think critically about photography, film, art, theatre, memes, material objects, as well as collective cultural practices and the built environment. Using the still photograph as a launching point and prioritizing aspects of culture that are made to be seen, this course introduces students to forms of ‘visual literacy’ - the ability to think as analytically about images as one does about text by focusing on how visual media is created, circulated, and consumed. Addressing theory, method, and concrete examples, course texts and media are intended to open avenues for students to analyze visuals in relation to the social politics (e.g. knowledge, power, ideology, and expectation) they both express and shape. This discussion-based course provides exciting opportunities for students to not only analyze the visual, but also to directly engage artists / practitioners, and personally experiment with analysis and creation. To support students in the quest for visual literacy, the course opens with historical and theoretical foundations, becoming increasingly innovative throughout the semester. Throughout, in short assignments and the final project, students are encouraged experiment, design, and test their grasp of visual culture by carrying out their own visual production and analysis.

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