HLTH190-1: Freshman Seminar Human Health

Topic: Exercise, Sport, & Health

August 23, 2017 - December 5, 2017
DaysTimeLocationInstructorGERCreditOPUS #
9:00am - 9:50am
Tarbutton Hall 105
Welkley, Jill Elizabeth
Appropriate for First Year students.

Seminar on various human health topics.

Special Evidence-Focused Seminar. For more information: http://evidence.emory.edu/in-the-news/evidence-focused-courses.html

At the national and global level, we will examine the evidentiary support for regular physical activity in relationship to risk, prevention, and recurrence of non-communicable diseases (i.e., cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease), as well as the negative significant health impact of physical inactivity. We will also examine the role of participation in traditional sport activities on health in youth and adult populations. Students who enroll in this course should possess a strong curiosity in understanding physical activity/inactivity within an interdisciplinary framework and beyond the established, traditional physical benefits of exercise or sport.

Note: No textbooks required for this course.

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