ENG210W-000: Major Authors


August 26, 2015 - December 8, 2015
DaysTimeLocationInstructorGERCreditOPUS #
1:00pm - 2:15pm
Carlos Hall 212
Rose, McKenna

An introduction to one or more major authors in English literature, with an emphasis on literary merit and its determination, canon formation, literary movements, and reading strategies.

Content: This course is an introduction to William Shakespeare’s plays and poems that emphasizes performance history and environmental themes to develop students’ close reading and writing skills; literary historical knowledge; and multimodal research techniques. During the semester students will write and administer their own websites on which they will publish required projects such as maps; infographics; digital hypertexts; researched papers; slideshare presentations; as well as a series of short, multimedia blog posts. The course centers on the term globe to circumscribe the Shakespearean canon, inform textual inquiry, and compare the past with the present in an attempt to redress the environmental crisis. We study Shakespeare’s work under dire circumstances: inescapable climate shifts, constant species extinction, relentless resource depletion, and the final adulteration of air, water, and land. Since the Anthropocene began in and around the Globe Theater, Shakespeare’s plays offer resources that can help to sustain the globe by reanimating a specifically Renaissance ethic of intimacy and nonhuman care. Please consult the course site for further information, shakespeare.mckennarose.org.

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