ANT190-000: Freshman Seminar:Anthropology

Topic: The Archaeology of Us

January 10, 2017 - April 24, 2017
DaysTimeLocationInstructorGERCreditOPUS #
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Anthropology Building 110
Nilsson Stutz, Liv
Appropriate for First Year students.

Seminar on various anthropological topics. Satisfies general education Freshman Seminar.

Archaeology interprets material culture - things, structures, and buildings - to tell stories about the cultures that created them, and the people that used them. In this course we will explore the ways in which we use material evidence to interpret and understand the world around us here and now. Through a critical analysis of the material world around us, this class invites you to think critically about your assumptions and to always analyze the world around you to reveal the many stories it tells about class, gender, social change, and lived experience.

This First Year Seminar is a QEP Evidence focused seminar. For more information:

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